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Rosacea affects a reported 4 million sufferers in the UK and Ireland, causing a variety of symptoms ranging from recurrent blushing attacks, permanent red skin with thread veins, to erruptions of pustules and lumps, distorted tissue and eye problems. Rosacea affects both sexes being almost 3 times more common in women.

Rosacea is triggered by a number of factors: genetic factors, hormonal changes, environmental and physiological triggers.

Using Intense Pulse Light, I.P.L, to treat Rosacea

IPL is a non-invasive treatment that is proven to reduce the redness, pustules and thread veins on the face, neck and chest areas. We also stock a popular range of Skinmed products specifically formulated for rosacea sufferes and those susceptible to excessive blushing, flushing, thread veins and reddening skin.

How many sessions are required?

For best results up to 5 sessions are recommended, usually 3-4 weeks apart.

Are there any side effects?

There might be slight swelling and reddening of your skin in the treated area, immediately after the treatment, but this should disappear rapidly. Our medical camoflauge, lycogel, can be applied straight after the treatment to reduce this.

You should avoid sun exposure during th ecourse of your sessions and use a high sun protection factor recommended by your therapist.